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006 Dr. Abby Morris

Dr. Abby Morris, Medical Director for the IAFF Center of Excellence joins the boys to help them understand issues relating to mental health and substance abuse. 

005 Marine Vet Ben Guzman

The boys have a chat with Marine Vet Ben Guzman. We speak about his transition back to our society and how he is mentoring the next generation of war Vets. 

The boys have a chat with a South Florida Police Chaplain. All opinions expressed in this episode are welcomed and appreciated, however, they are soley those of the person expressi...

003 Understanding Suicide

Kiel and Raul have a chat about suicide, it's signs and symptoms and how to deal with a helping someone that may be considering taking their lives. 

002 What is PTSD?

Kiel and Raul speak with Arturo Cid, a licensed clinical psychotherapist with over 17 years of post graduate experience.  The boys discuss who and why we develop PTSD and what w...

Episode 1: In thier first podcast, Kiel and Raul discuss the type of personalities that are attracted towards working in public service.