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016 Reboot...WTF?

After 1 year, Kiel and Raul rethink the format of the pod. Check it out, hope you like it. 

Bull returns to the pod and speaks with his 3 angels about his over 700 mile walk spanning the state of Florida. We recorded this episode in the beautiful 35 acre pine tree sanctua...

014 Mike Clelland

Mike Clelland is an attorney who specializes in workman's compensation cases for members of public safety. He joins us to discuss the new PTSD law enacted in Florida. He also speak...

013 Adam Parks

Adam Parks is a firefighter in South Florida who helped Bull along the path to Tallahassee. His leadership helped inspire hundreds of firefighters and those whom support firefighte...

012 Tom "Bull" Hill

Bull is another example of a Firefighter taking action when he finds a problem. Bull is walking across the Florida to gather support for Firefighter Cancer Coverage. He is supporte...

011 Omar "OB" Blanco

OB is the President of IAFF Local 1403 and a Lieutenant in the Miami-Dade County Fire Department. He has dedicated himself towards the advancement of firefighter rights and benefit...

010 Barry Jacobs

Barry Jacobs is a retired firefighter who has dedicated himself to helping our civil servants deal with the horrific trauma they are exposed to on a daily basis.

009 Rob and Eric

Rob and Eric are a couple South Florida firefighters working towards expanding "BrotHERhood" to neighboring departments. They talk about respect not only at the station level, but ...

008 Treatment for PTSD

Kiel, Javi and Raul review a report from the Clinician's Trauma Update Issue 11(6) which is about diffrent treatment for PTSD. 

007 Ric Jorge

Firefighting legend Ric Jorge joins the boys in a raw and honest conversation about PTSD and how it can lead to the sometimes self destructive nature of our public servants.

006 Dr. Abby Morris

Dr. Abby Morris, Medical Director for the IAFF Center of Excellence joins the boys to help them understand issues relating to mental health and substance abuse. 

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